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Prefabricated concrete facade, concrete furniture, concrete elements based on a unique idea.

Landscaping elements, garden furniture made of visual concrete

In 2005, ARGOMEX started to develop a special, high-strength, fiber-reinforced, self-compacting fine concrete, which can be used optimally in the pre-production of exposed concrete.
The result of more than two years of research and experimentation has been the concrete named StyleCrete®, the smoothest concrete that allows the production of more complex visual concrete elements.

Dekoratív beton virágládák és földkazetták Dekoratív beton virágládák és földkazetták Dekoratív beton virágládák és földkazetták

Prefabricated exposed concrete elements are very popular facade surfaces for buildings created with a modern approach to architectural design.
At the same time, various concrete furniture, sidewalks, garden fountains and other garden architectural elements appear in the green areas of the gardens and parks surrounding the buildings. Especially in the case of landscaped gardens and parks, the use of concrete retaining wall elements is necessary, but even in a flat area, elevated plant containers are often made, for the delimitation of which the prefabricated precast concrete retaining wall elements are a very nice and durable solution.
Most of the retaining wall elements can also function as a bench, either with a natural concrete surface or a seat surface of other materials.
The prefabricated visual retaining wall elements and garden furniture are colored in their material and can be made in the color specified by the Customer.

Garden sidewalks and the unique benches placed next to them are decorative and extremely durable solutions, which can be made on the basis of individual ideas and we can give advice on the design and the possibilities of placement and installation.

The production plans of the prefabricated garden furniture and retaining wall elements are prepared by our company, and the finished precast concrete space furniture and tiles are delivered to the construction site.

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