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Prefabricated concrete facade, concrete furniture, concrete elements based on a unique idea.


Developed by the engineers of Argomex Architecture and Trade Ltd. (official name: Argomex Építészeti és Kereskedelmi Kft.), StyleCrete® visual concrete has been produced for 15 years in the spirit of quality, innovation and precision. At the same time, as a result of continuous improvements, this special concrete material is evolving and improving to meet the needs of customers in all respects. Thanks to the R+D work carried out by the company's specialists, products made of this concrete are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

The spread of concrete is continuous and growing, to which the brand also adapts, providing plenty of opportunities for the implementation of a wide variety of surfaces and shapes. Thanks to the formability of the concrete, the nobility of its surface appearance and its thousands of different structures, as well as its high strength, StyleCrete® offers almost limitless possibilities. Products manufactured by Argomex include exterior and interior wall coverings, concrete element products, concrete furniture, concrete covers and platform shelters.

The versatility of StyleCrete® is a determining factor not only in the design, but also in the choice of surfaces and colours. From quite fine and smooth surfaces, through slightly porous to non-slip, there are many options. For a truly exclusive look, the surface type with the fantasy name ’Washret’ allows you to display any monochrome image or graphic on the concrete surface. Today’s fashion is also extremely diverse in architecture, and the products adapt to individual ideas in every way in terms of design.

Argomex attaches great importance to supporting environmentally conscious architecture. Thanks to its excellent mechanical properties, StyleCrete® material allows the production of thinner, slimmer structures with much less material consumption therefore even less waste is generated when their function ceases.

The surface appearance and colour of exposed concrete (or rather visual concrete) elements can vary in shades. There are several reasons for this (properties of natural constituents, uncontrollable and therefore uneven hydration, changes in humidity during the setting process, etc.) but the most important is that concrete is a natural material, its elements with the exception of cement are chemicals and substances occurring in nature. (In fact, the raw materials of cement are also natural materials, derivatives ...) The above factors cause a slight, nuanced discoloration of the exposed concrete surface, even with the same recipe. We are engineers so we can design and control most of the properties of visual concrete, but not all of them. But that is why concrete is loved by those who love and enjoy its variety. It is always different like the waving sea or the different vintage wines.