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Prefabricated concrete facade, concrete furniture, concrete elements based on a unique idea.

Monument of 1956, Békésszentandrás, Hungary

The monument of the 1956 revolution in the picturesque Békésszentandrás is also the work of our hands, although the design and visual world is the work of the artist Márton Borbás.

Design: Borbás Márton sculptor

Visual concrete is also excellent for making concrete sculptures and monuments. On the one hand, it is truly decorative, and almost any special shape can be formed from it, only the making of the mold and the laws of physics itself can hinder this. On the other hand, it is extremely resistant and rigid, so it is difficult to damage and very easy to keep clean, as the surface-treated concrete does not react to external influences, neither sun nor frost can damage it, but not even fire.