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Prefabricated concrete facade, concrete furniture, concrete elements based on a unique idea.

Concrete belfry / columbine, Békéscsaba

Visual concrete is also a special material because not only is it possible to use it "traditionally", such as concrete furniture, flower boxes, facade panels, tiles, etc., but we are also able to implement very special, unique ideas. An excellent example of this is the concrete belfry in Békéscsaba, which has become a real jewel of this beautiful, open space.

Design: Garten Stúdió (Szloszjár György, Simon-Kiss Márta)

The diverse use of visual concrete is becoming more and more fashionable these days. Our references include quite a few examples of concrete tiles, facades, or even garden furniture, but we wanted a separate category where we show the more unique, special shapes. These are the projects where only the creativity of the designer really set the boundaries.